Join Tim, David, and our guide staff on an adventure to the Maine woods. Paddle down a quiet lake or through a set of rapids. Gain additional canoe skills, water safety awareness, and wilderness tripping techniques. Enjoy the adventure of rounding the bend to meet a moose crossing before you. Explore lakes from the loon's perspective. Rest in camp, watch the evening wind settle, smell the aroma of the campfire dinner. Enjoy fresh baking, hearty and delicious meals.

Maine Path & Paddle Guides will make your wilderness experience full of memories that last a lifetime. Be assured that as registered Maine guides we will take care of your adventure needs and share the magic of the Maine wilderness.

We will outfit you with everything you might need in camp and on the water. For a complete checklist go to

Our goal at Maine Path & Paddle Guides is to enhance your appreciation of Maine's beautiful landscape through outdoor recreation. Experience the breathtaking beauty that Mother Nature can provide. Absorb the therapeutic and spiritual value of spending a few nights under the stars. Strengthen bonds between friends and family. Reinforce positive values such as sharing and teamwork. Spend time out in the world being aware of the impact of your presence. Let us guide you on an adventure filled with lifelong memories!

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