Our goal at Maine Path & Paddle Guides is to enhance your appreciation of Maine’s beautiful landscape through outdoor recreation. It seems that many people are completely overwhelmed by the demands and stresses of everyday life, and they fail to experience or even notice the breathtaking beauty that Mother Nature can provide. Many folks don’t realize, or have forgotten the therapeutic and spiritual value of spending a few nights under the stars.

It is a great way to strengthen bonds between friends and family, and to help reinforce positive values such as sharing and teamwork. Of course there are the obvious health benefits as well. A little exercise in the fresh, clean air of the great outdoors will certainly do physical and psychological good for just about anyone. So, come join us on one of our paddles or multisport trips. It will be an experience that will provide a lifetime of memories.

Leave No Trace
Outdoor Skills & Ethics

Plan Ahead and Prepare

Know the area and what to expect * Travel in small groups * Select appropriate equipment * Repackage food * Special considerations for bear country

Camp and Travel on Durable Surfaces

In popular areas, concentrate use * In remote areas, spread use * Avoid places where impact is just beginning

Pack It In, Pack It Out

Reduce litter at the source * Dispose of trash and garbage properly * Be extra clean in bear country

Properly Dispose of What You Can’t Pack Out

Dispose of human waste responsibly * Minimize soap and food residues in waste water * Avoid contaminating water sources when washing * Dispose of fishing and hunting waste appropriately

Leave What You Find

Minimize site alterations * Avoid damaging live trees and plants * Leave natural objects and cultural artifacts * Avoid disturbing wildlife * Reduce your impact on other visitors

Minimize Use and Impact from Fires

Be aware of regulations and weather conditions * Use dead wood and burn it completely * In high-use areas, use existing fire rings * In remote areas, use appropriate LNT fire techniques

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